Everything That You Need To Know About Rise of Kingdoms Before You Play It

Everything That You Need To Know About Rise of Kingdoms Before You Play It

There are many opinions on Rise of Kingdoms. Many people will refer to it as a pay-to-win game. Free players won’t be able to compete with the paid to win players. Don’t let this fool you. You don’t have to spend a penny to rise to power in Rise of Kingdoms.

What does it mean to say that I said this? Let’s take my example. I spent almost nothing on the game. I increased power by farming resources and killing barbarians. Also, by upgrading by city building technology and other technologies. Joining a top alliance, in addition to farming, will bring enormous benefits to players who are free to play. In my case it turned out to be quite good.

You can still be competitive and increase your power if you keep active by upgrading your city and building. If you don’t believe me, you can read my Beginners Free-to-play Guides to find out all hero ranking tier list for RAID.

Best Civilization For Free Players

Because all of them can be picked, you can choose the civilization that you wish to play at Rise of Kingdoms’ beginning. There are many civilizations that can give you benefits in the early of Rise of Kingdoms. I have listed some of them below:

  • Arabia
  • Germany
  • Spain

You may be aware that every civilization is unique and has different strategies. You will be able to beat other players if you know the best strategy for each civilization and you follow it exactly.

Let me give you an example: If you choose Japan, your scout march speed will increase by 30%. This means that your city will excel in scouting. The UK is the top defender of the game, increasing your ability to defend your town and your Alliance building such as Alliance Fortress or Alliance Flags.

What if you chose this civilization at the beginning, but you change your mind later? This problem is not a problem as once you have reached level 10 in your CCity Hall, you can free-of-charge change your civilization. Many people will wonder if their commanders will be affected if they decide to change their civilization. Your commanders will not change, the answer is no. You should choose carefully as you will need to spend 10,000 gems each time you change your civilization. Be loyal to your chosen civilization and choose wisely.

Top Commanders for Free Player

Rise of Kingdoms will award you an epic commander for every civilization that you select in the beginning. Many people have destroyed their first commanders. This is a very common problem and we decided to make it one of our biggest game errors. They haven’t read our talent tree guide. This error can be corrected by spending a lot of money.

Why do I say so? You will need 10,000 gems every time you reset your commander tree talent to rebuild it. This is a large amount and many free-to play players are willing to accept this error rather than spend 10,000 gems. When you make the decision to select a commander, take a moment to look at his tree talents and observe where it is taking you.

You might have more luck with the commander than you do with the commander, because you get more commander sculpture. As I have always said, take your time. To collect the most commander sculptures, you should allow yourself to spend at least two or more weeks.

Once you are able to see clearly what’s happening and how you could use it, you can move forward. Lucky for you, I have a commander guide to help save you time as you begin your Rise of Kingdoms career in Free to Play. You will save a lot of your time if you do it correctly.

Commander Tips For F2P Player

The talent tree is the first thing beginners to Rise of Kingdoms should learn. To fully comprehend the potential of their talent points, they must be able to see the whole picture and decide where to invest them.

  • Top Infantry Commanders
  • Top Archer Commanders
  • Top Cavalry Commanders

Here are some tips for beginners: Do not try to focus on too many commanders simultaneously. What happens if you do? Your progression will not be made any faster by your low-level commanders. They may not even be able to do expedition mode or camping barbarians, while other commanders are doing it effortlessly.

It is important to remember that only one commander should be your focus at any given time. You must first reach the commander level, then you can move to another commander. This is like insurance for your kingdom. It helps you develop steadily and doesn’t make your kingdoms fall behind pay-to-win players.

Recommend Commander for F2P Players.

Rise of Kingdoms teaches you that you must focus on one commander at a time. But there are more questions: Who should we invest in? A legendary commander is a strong option and will make your life easier. They are difficult to find for Free-to play players like us. It is for this reason that I recommend investing in the Epic or Elite commander. They are much more easy to obtain in Rise of Kingdoms than the Legendary commander.

Your Elite commander will have no problem defeating the Epic commander 5/3/1/1 if they are upgraded to their maximum level. Epic commanders will have no problem defeating Legendary commanders if they reach their maximum level. It is also much easier to max out their level than the Legendary commander.

You may be wondering who the commander is that we should put our money into. This list may help you choose a civilization to begin with if you are asking the same question.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is the best starting gatherer command for any type of player. You will be able farm tons of resources on the map with her help. Her ability to increase troop load and speed up siege units’ marches means that you can have her in your army.

She is not only a great gatherer, but she can also perfectly pair up with any commander. If you want to manage mini farming accounts, she’s the perfect commander.


You should consider this another commander to begin with, as she is very good at both PvE (and PvP) matches. You can get her by playing as Britain. This will give you 20% more garrison capacity, and you’ll be able to defend your city and the Alliance against your enemies.

Aethelflaed, Cao Cao and Lohar will be her best friends in Rise of Kingdoms. This is because she’s versatile. Boudicca is, without a doubt, the best commander to invest in if you’re looking for the right choice.


If you are looking for a cavalry commander that can punch your enemies with a lot of punches, Baibars is the right choice. If you choose Arabia as your first civilization, this commander will be free. His active skills make him a dangerous commander in Rise of Kingdoms. He is also one of the fastest and has strong offensive capabilities.

Your army will be led by Baibars and can easily pass through enemy troops. He also has the active skill Sandstorm that deals damage to enemy troops and slows them down. If you use your talent points correctly in his talent tree, you can easily crush your enemies under your army’s horseshoe faster and deal more damage.

Scipio Africaus

Scipio Africanus is a great choice if you’re an open-minded player who doesn’t want to limit your choices. Do you want him to be your first commander? You can choose Rome as your civilization and he will become your commander. His active skill makes him a debuffer and will help you reduce the enemy’s strength while increasing your troops attack.

You will be amazed at the effectiveness of the Scipio Africanus’ active skill when you raise your troops to Tier 4 and Tier 5. If you only want to use him on your troops, he is very useful. Scipio is able to defuse his enemies and boost his troops. His troops have more soldiers than other commanders due to his ability to increase their troop capacity.

Osman I

Last but not least, Osman I is an epic starting commander worth your investment. You will be playing as the Ottoman civilization and Osman I will be your starting commander. While he won’t increase the damage of your troops or debuff them, he can do direct damage to your enemies.

His heavy blows will quickly wipe out your enemies. He also gives you the ability to conquer other kingdoms faster. Another thing that will make him a great conqueror? His troops reduce enemy damage and the garrison of your enemy will take more damage from his armies. You are not a blood thirty player but want to start a war, but you’re a F2P player. Osman I is the right commander to invest in.

Jump into the New Kingdom Free

You can jump to a new kingdom free of charge. To learn more, read my step-by-step jumper guide to beginners. This is the most important part of Rise of Kingdoms, especially for those who are just starting out and want to learn how to move your kingdom to a kingdom you like.

First, you must upgrade all buildings in your city up to 7 levels. What does this mean? This means all buildings in your city, such as garrisons and city halls, wall, lumber mills, and scout camps, reach level 7. After you begin your Rise of Kingdoms career, you will be eligible for Beginner Teleport within 10 days.

Once you have raised the level 7 of all your buildings in your city, you can now focus on military technology research and training new troops to achieve at least 200,000-300,000. You are now ready to move your capital to a new kingdom or join a major alliance.

You can also use the Beginner Teleport to teleport all your items, power, quests and progress so far. This sounds easier for F2P players right now. You can make it much simpler if you follow the rules and tricks for F2P players.

Get Free Speedups

F2P players have many important rules to follow. This is one. F2P players should be happy to know that Rise of Kingdoms offers many speed ups from many sources, including alliance gifts, quests, events, and expeditions.

You can use your speed up items more often than you think to ensure that your progress is always faster than the rest. Here are some suggestions to help you decide where you should invest your speed up.

  • Your alliance members are your first line of help. This is a free speed-up!
  • Keep your speed up items in reserve until you’ve used all your alliance help.
  • Be sure to first use a specific speed up, and then go for the universal speed up
  • You can train your troops or upgrade your buildings while you’re idle.

F2P Gems: How to Spend Effectively

Although we are Free-to play players, gems are limited and we don’t have the luxury of spending them in any way. Gems are one of the most valuable and limited resources in Rise of Kingdoms. As such, it is important to use gems with care. You can collect gems by unlocking chests and doing multiple quests, but understanding how to spend them effectively is more important.

Try to get your VIP Status up to level 6 as soon as you join Rise of Kingdoms. Why? It gave you many buffs in many areas of the game. You will also get a permanent secondary builder for the city. It doesn’t cost much to hire a secondary contractor.

You have two options when you reach VIP Status level 6. You can continue to invest gems in this. Personally, I prefer VIP Status level 13. If you feel Level 6 is sufficient for your progress, you can use your remaining gems to purchase different items from the Mysterious Merchants when she visits your city. Remember to never use your gems for items that are not at their full price. Your gems will quickly run out.

How to spend gems in the mysterious merchant

  • You can only buy resources from normal sources.
  • Buy speed up items only if it’s sales at 80% or more
  • Prioritize Upgrades Effectively

Are you aware of the key to taking your city to the next stage of Rise of Kingdoms development? It is City Hall. Rushing City Hall in Rise of Kingdoms is a priority because the City Hall level will affect the level of all other buildings in the city. Higher production is achieved by the city’s buildings. You can train more troops and gather more resources.

You should pay attention to these main buildings:

  • Farms/ Lumber Mills/ Quarries/ Gold Mines
  • Hospital / Tavern/ Academy / Alliance Center/ Wall
  • Barracks/Stable / Archery/Siege

Although the Scouting Camp or Trading Post are not as important in the beginning, they will become more important later on.

You should also pay attention to research in technology. This will allow you to increase your power, improve your troops, get better armies, and make your battle with your enemies more effective. You can read my how-to farm Book of Covenants guide if you have set as your goal to upgrade your City Hall to 25.

Accelerate Resource Gathering

Rise of Kingdoms is all about gathering resources to help develop your city. Resources are necessary to complete almost all tasks in the game. You need to have a gathering commander. This is why you should focus on the gathering commander and level him up as soon as possible.

Let’s start with the most powerful gathering commanders:

  • Sarka
  • Joan of Arc
  • Constance
  • Gaius Marius

These are easy to reach commander rank and can be quickly leveled up. To get a gathering boost, you should focus on their talent tree of 5/5/1/1. Once they have reached this level, it is no longer necessary to level them up. You can now focus your attention on other commanders. They still have a lot to offer and you can request it if you wish.

Your zone determines the quality of your resources points. The level of resources points in Zone 1 is between 2 and 4. Zone 3 is the most desirable zone for resources points. It has a drop in quality from level 5 to 6. Zone 3 is the best zone for obtaining the highest quality resources points.

Runes found in your region can also increase your gathering speed due to their gathering buff. Your gathering speed can also be increased by 25% by collecting resources points within your alliance territory. These tricks will help you increase your progression speed.

Another guide I believe you will find useful: How do you manage your resources

How to Freely Chain Farm Barbarians

Rise of Kingdoms has a funny feature: You don’t have to spend any gems to purchase action points. Perhaps you are wondering why or how I did it. The answer is I have a method to chain farm barbarians. This is a great trick that you can follow. All you need to prepare is a commander with an AoE active skill. Aethelflaed, Baibars and a peacekeeper commander should be considered.

Once you’ve fulfilled the requirements, send an army to begin farming barbarians. As many barbarian armies possible, your primary commander will cast their active skills. This will cause damage to all barbarian armies within the area. You will also fight alongside them. This action will not result in any loss of action points.

This farming action will be a huge benefit to your commander as they will gain a lot of experience, and will also speed up their leveling up. High-ranking commanders will also be familiarized with your competing power. Although this trick is not easy to master at first, it will become easier once you have practiced.

Is the Growth Fund worth it?

Last but not least, consider purchasing the Growth Fund. It is an option, but it is not a requirement. This is the best way to invest in Rise of Kingdoms.

You will get 81,000 gems if you buy the item at $14.99. Let do a small comparison, shall we? You will find 25,000 gems for $99,99 the most expensive item in the shop. You might think the Growth Fund is better. While I know you don’t want to spend any money on this game, I do understand your desire to remain a F2P player. However, if you plan to spend some money after you reach VIP status level 5, please consider the Growth Fund.


This is all, governer. My Free-to-play Guide will answer any questions you may have about the Rise of Kingdoms. It also explains how to spend very little or no money in the game. The Growth Fund is the best investment if you don’t want to spend much money on the game.

As long as you adhere to the game tips provided in this guide, you will have no problems moving forward and achieving VIP status. These tips will help you advance in the game.

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