Why is it necessary to have security during your wedding?

With summer in full swing, joyful couples are ready to take the next step in their relationships by marrying their long-term sweethearts. However, planning the big day may be a difficult endeavor because you only get married once in your life, therefore there is no room for error if you want your ideal wedding to come true!

The big day will require meticulous planning, beginning with the most important: selecting a wedding gown, a wedding location, compiling your guest list, selecting a theme and meal, and creating a table layout; the to-do list is seemingly infinite… But have you considered security?

Wedding security isn’t only for the wealthy and famous; there are several reasons to consider security for your wedding!

Refuse to let an undesirable visitor in.

“Let anybody who can prove reasonable cause why this pair cannot legitimately be wedded in matrimony speak now or forever remain silent.”

You would assume, and rightly so, that everyone would be ecstatic for you that you would finally be able to marry the person you love. However, couples may confront the underlying fear of having to deal with the possibility that someone evil would destroy their special day. Samantha Grant, Meghan Markle’s half-sister, is a familiar name. Unwanted guests, whether the bride’s or groom’s ex-partner or a feuding family, aren’t necessarily made up; they may be the soon-to-be-weds’ worst nightmare!

However, having security personnel on the alert at all times for the predicted unwelcomed invader, after being provided their photo and description as part of the client’s brief, is the greatest way to minimise the possibility of someone disrupting the ceremony or breaking up the party.

Stop wedding crashers from entering.

A wedding is an expensive event, therefore you must limit the amount of guests you invite to your big day. So, after you went to the time and bother of removing from your guest list your cherished high school buddies whom you hadn’t seen in years, it’s really frustrating that someone would show up uninvited to your wedding.

Wedding crashers, however, do occur! If they may be a part of the festivities for free, a delicious lunch provided with the finest wine in the pleasant company of visitors dressed in their best clothing, with lively music playing in the background, seems just too enticing for clever persons. Unlike in the movie “Wedding Crashers,” a wedding crasher’s presence may not always be without consequence.

Security guards can prevent this by controlling entrance to your wedding site, checking invites against your guest list, and keeping an eye out for gate crashers during the event.

Managing conflicts between visitors

You can’t block their unforeseen encounter throughout the rest of the wedding event, even if you spent hours planning your table layout to keep guests as far away from people they dislike as possible during the wedding breakfast! When you add alcohol to the mix, things may swiftly spiral out of control, potentially ruining your wedding day.

Security personnel are educated in conflict resolution and may spot the early indicators of a potential confrontation amongst guests. They can intervene right away to diffuse the situation and prevent a violent confrontation.

Keeping the venue safe from vandalism and robbery

Your wedding site will undoubtedly be a wonderful setting that will accommodate your guests and leave a lasting impact. As a result, the last thing you want is for visitors to accidently damage equipment that does not belong to you while they are partying. This would be added to your already expensive wedding expense, as unjustly as it appears!

With the health and safety issues linked with the wedding site, it’s equally important to consider your duty of care to your guests. Depending on the circumstances, you may be held liable if an accident or incident occurs.

Guests, on the other hand, will often give a gift or money to your honeymoon or future endeavors as a married couple through the cash box placed for this purpose. Due to the large number of individuals present, including food workers, waiters, barmaids, members of the music band, and venue employees, donations cannot be left unattended since there is a danger of theft.

Security guards are expected to do a thorough inspection of the site before to the arrival of guests to ensure the safety of your wedding. They will also keep a close check on the festivities to catch any misdeeds and avoid any misbehavior. At the venue, gifts will be documented, stowed away, and kept in a secure container, while the cash box will be carefully monitored by security personnel.

Celebrity wedding security

Because they are in the public glare and under continual attention by the media and paparazzi, celebrity weddings pose additional security problems not seen in the anonymous world. The public sometimes has the impression that they own celebrities’ life, making it impossible for them to have any privacy, even on their wedding day. For paparazzi vying for that one photo to sell for millions, celebrity weddings have become a highly profitable industry.

Last June, some of Hollywood’s most anticipated weddings went place. Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones and Zo Kravitz, daughter of Lenny Kravitz and actress from the Big Little Lies series, were among the most anticipated brides, and both married in France. Apart from one snatched blurry image of Sophie Turner’s dress taken from the sky, the two ceremonies were well publicized in periodicals, but their security was such that no one truly got to view a picture of their wedding dresses until the official release.

Unscrupulous paparazzi will use devious methods to photograph renowned brides, such as scaling cliffs, riding jet skis, paragliding, motorgliding, or flying in a helicopter. The trend has now taken a new turn, with paparazzi using drones to fly over celebrities’ wedding sites, such as Tina Turner’s, making it the most intrusive way and creating privacy issues.

How do you keep a celebrity wedding hidden from fans and the press?

To keep their wedding a secret, celebrities must be inventive, and trust is not an option. The most effective method, as proved by celebrities who have successfully decoyed photographers, is to keep the date and place secret until the last minute.

When celebrities publish their wedding plans in tabloids, they risk having celebrity stalkers or overzealous fans barging into their private ceremony.

We’ve worked with wedding planners on high-profile weddings in the past, and the standard procedure for us to keep nuptials private and avoid non-official photos is to require guests to give over their phones to security employees as soon as they arrive and have them sign non-disclosure agreements.

To maintain the wedding’s overall security, security officers must patrol the location throughout the ceremony to spot intruders or any unusual behavior, and the venue is monitored by CCTV and should be swept for concealed devices before guests arrive.

Honeymoon protection

When you are married, the honeymoon is the cherry on top!

A honeymoon is a chance for newlyweds to travel to a beautiful, ideal location and spend their first moments as a married couple. However, the nation to which you go may pose security dangers, which you should be aware of by seeking travel advice and suggestions prior to your journey.

Bodyguards for honeymoons are a safe alternative, especially if the newlyweds are in the spotlight, to ensure their protection while visiting and wandering around tourist attractions.

We provide security and close protection for weddings and honeymoons all around the world at Intelligent Protection International Limited. Our security officers and bodyguards are unobtrusive, and we normally approach in a non-obtrusive manner so that security does not disrupt the festivities.

If the thought of leaving your house unattended while on honeymoon makes you nervous, we may also provide residential security London.

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