The New Sony PlayStation is Coming Out Very Soon

The New Sony PlayStation is Coming Out Very Soon

Sony PlayStation 4 is out in the market for a while now and over 36 Million users are using PS4. Now Sony is planning to launch a new version of PlayStation 4. The next model will not be name as PlayStation 5, but it will be connected to “PlayStation 4” with some ads on.

Few days back Sony announced Virtual Reality Headset for PlayStation 4 users which is compatible only for PS4 owners, they can run any game using VR gear.

Sony is in a development phase of making a new version basically an extender to PS4 with some little but visible tweaks. The new PlayStation will have equipped with 4k Technology & Resolution. Previous PS supports only 4K resolution but not 4K games. The new version will now support 4K games along with the VR gear the users will enjoy the true reality experience of whatever the game they are playing.

Tweaks involves a better graphic processor, speed optimization, better stability and 4K technology, that is all the information revealed by Sony by yet, but still we don’t know how it will look like, the design, controllers and which 4K games they are talking about, all the information will be released by Sony very soon and it is looking like a great year for Console Lovers as we have seen some drop in price in Xbox One and the release of new Nintendo console NX 2016.

PlayStation Virtual Reality Gear

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