Exploits: How they work

Exploits: How they work

An exploit refers to the use of bugs or software vulnerabilities in Roblox, by a player to alter gameplay or give an unfair advantage. An exploit is a form of cheating.

Some exploits can be in the form of injectable DLL files or programs. This explicitly breaks the Roblox TOS and could result in Roblox’s permanent ban. One example is the “Hacking GUIs”, which provide many exploiting tools in the form of a GUI for players.

Other exploits make use of flaws within a game’s building or scripts. Jailbreak’s “Noclip” glitch is a good example. It allows players to take advantage of the crawl script, thin walls, and other features to gain access to otherwise unreachable areas. Roblox does not ban such exploits, but developers can ban players who do this if there is a moderation infrastructure like an admin script.

Many players believe that exploiting Roblox to a player’s advantage should be the correct term, while others believe hacking is the correct term. Hacking, however, is the act of exploitation of vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to a computer system.

Different types of exploits

Bytecode via loading function

Lua executes programs and the Lua virtual computer compiles code into Lua bytecode. Then, it is interpreted. This process is unreversible and does not require artifacts (via Decompilation). It was thus frequently used for Coding Obfuscation.

Lua bytecode has a different structure than Lua. It allows manipulation of the stack by unconventional methods that are not possible with normal Lua programming. Although it is difficult to write Lua assembly codes manually, it is possible to make them into Luabytecode. The Roblox process can load Lua code and Lua bytecode through the use of the loadstring function (which can be toggled on the ServerScriptService.)

On the Lua mailing list, it was suggested that direct stack manipulation could allow access to the environment of other functions during execution. This would enable the user to steal values from those functions (including C functions that Lua can access), something that isn’t possible with pure Lua.

Proto Conversion

Roblox made significant changes to the Lua VM after the Lua compiler was removed from the client. Roblox-compatible code after the change included heavy encryption and obfuscation. A special signing was required from the server. This is the place where all client scripts were built. This new bytecode would be nearly impossible to generate for would-be attackers.

In the summer of 2015, a user on an underground Roblox exploit development/marketplace forum came up with an idea: By using the regular vanilla Lua compiler to generate a Lua function prototype, then modifying it to be compatible with Roblox’s VM, he could achieve script execution. The very flexible data types of C++ made this process easier. After reversing the correct structs, it was easy to access all data from a Roblox function prototype.

Lua Wrapping

Roblox had made some significant VM changes and a new method was in development to allow script execution. This method, also known as “Lua wrapping”, or simply “wrapping”, is now the most popular way to get script execution. This technique involved creating a fake Roblox environment using a regular Lua instance and then emulating the normal Roblox environment with C functions exploited by the exploit. Roblox was unable to patch these exploits, which allowed them to survive major security updates.

DLL Injection

Roblox can be injected with DLL files using a DLL injector. The exploit will function properly once it is injected. Roblox has many safeguards that prevent memory manipulation from happening.

Lag switching

Since 2015, lag switching has been an exploit that hasn’t been fixed. You can use the hotkeys by loading up a lag switch. The activation will cause the computer to stop sending signals to its modem. In this case, Roblox is active and the user can roam freely. Roblox will close down if the computer is not connected to the internet within 9 seconds. The client will return to normal if the user deactivates their lag switch. This exploit is often criticized by people because it allows users to “teleport” almost anywhere within the game. The lag-switch has one major advantage for exploiters: the client side of it, GUI, etc. still works as usual, so users could disconnect and change levers in a puzzle game that uses moving levers. After this, they could reconnect to ruin the game.

FE Bypassing

Backdooring is the only way to bypass Filtering enabled. An exploiter will need to insert a script (e.g., a free plugin or direct game access) inside the game that allows Lua scripts to be run as if they were part of the game. This will allow them to replicate the scripts to all players. These exploits are common in cafes, theaters, and fan-meeting games. Backdoors can’t be used in large games because they don’t have free models. Also, all scripts are pre-screened before publication to ensure that they aren’t malicious.

Exploit Levels

Levels represent the Roblox Thread Identity of the Roblox exploit that is currently running. Normal LocalScripts run at Level 2. Roblox Scripts typically run at Level 3-4. Command Bars on Roblox Studio run at Level 5. Plugins in Studio run at level 6. Levels are often thought to be a measure of how good an exploit is. However, in reality, levels can be set if Roblox Studio allows you to execute the code. To avoid detection, most exploits run their scripts at Level 6. They deliberately downgrade their levels by calling certain functions in-game. Although Level 7 is higher, it is believed to be a fraud and is a scam. However, exploits such as SynapseX were used before Filtering Enabled.

Auto clickers

The auto clickers computer software automatically clicks in certain places for the user to gain benefits in Roblox games. Users who use auto-clickers, such as case clickers, are more likely to gain advantages in games like the “clicker” category of games. These games are not banned as they act only as input control devices and do not affect the Roblox client.


Aimbots are common in Major FPS games. They are often a focal point for exploiters who use them. Aimbots can be used to create scripts that work in silent or loud mode.


Anti-Exploits scripts are coded by players/developers and used to stop exploiters trying to alter the game. Anti-Exploits won’t be perfect because there will always be new bypasses and exploits made by the exploiting community, which the developer must keep track of.


Exploiters can’t do what they want. They can, however, ruin the game. You can execute remotes to spam or auto-farm.

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