Why Men Should Buy Pheromone Products?

Why Men Should Buy Pheromone Products?

The undetectable smells of human pheromones, which are not detectable, are naturally released by our bodies to incite feelings of sexual attraction, trust and respect from those around us.

Ever seen a man with a beautiful girl and wondered what she thinks of him? “This dude has a beautiful face, but his arms are around a hot, smoking girl.

Pheromones are the answer.

Companies have been able to make pure instinct pheromone oil in a single bottle for the past 10 years. These pheromone products contain more pheromones per dose than our bodies can produce naturally. They are extremely concentrated. What’s the result?

  • Women are more attracted to and desired by women.
  • More eye contact, flirting, and touching
  • Respect and trust your peers more
  • Increased confidence in social settings

There are many pheromone scents out there. There are some amazing products, others average and some that are completely worthless.

To determine which pheromone products really work and which ones don’t, we have reviewed 13 of the most popular colognes. We spent hours analysing their ingredients, concentrations of pheromones and customer reviews.

Here are our top recommendations for the best pheromones to men.

  • Pherazone – Best Pheromone For Sexual Attraction
  • Nexus Phheromones – Best for Instant Chemistry and Feelings Of Trust
  • True Instinct – Best For Social Situations
  • Xist Pheromone oil – Best for Breaking out of the Friend Zone
  • Reviews of the Best Men’s Pheromones – Which Oils and Sprays Really Work?

Pherazone Spray

Pherazone, a pheromone-based cologne that men can use to attract women, men and gays, comes in three types: one for men, one for women and one for both men and women.

The product is formulated with six highly concentrated pheromones to enhance sexual attraction. Pherazone has ten times the amount of them than most other pheromone-colognes. This makes it the most concentrated.

You can also improve your intimacy, both with intercourse and foreplay, by strutting your stuff more confidently.

Pherazone’s pheromone products have different ingredients depending on the person you are trying to attract. Men’s pheromone products contain:

  • 5-alpha-Androstenone
  • Androsterone
  • Androstadienol
  • Beta-androstenol
  • Beta-epi-androstenol
  • 5-alpha-Androstenol
  • Androstadienone
  • Signature fragrance
  • Concentrated hormone mix

Pherazone is more durable than similar products and resists moisture and sweat. You can be sure that women will notice you whether you are at the club or at the water cooler for at least four to 8 hours.

Apply Pherazone directly on your wrists and neck. Depending on the purpose of your exposure, you can use Pherazone on your elbows and chest.

You can resist the temptation to use more if you aren’t satisfied with the fragrance. You won’t get a stronger effect and it can even make women resentful.

Pherazone can be purchased in unscented or designer scented scents. It smells like musky vanilla and is well-received by men. Pherazone is a powerful, high-quality, and extra strength formulation that produces strong results.

Nexus Pheromones

Nexus Phheromones contains seven human pheromones that increase women’s sexual responses and convey a message about youth and masculinity. This pheromone-cologne helps women feel more comfortable with men and improves their mood so that you get the most out of your relationship.

This product contains a well-known combination of pheromones that instantly makes the person you are trying to attract gravitate towards you.

  • Androstenone
  • Alpha-androstenol
  • Androsterone
  • Epiandrosterone
  • Beta-androstenol
  • Androstadienone
  • Androstanone

The cologne Nexus Pheromones for men lasts between eight and ten hours. Your pheromone cologne will last you for as long as you want.

You can apply one to three sprays on your neck and chest with this perfume pheromone, just like regular cologne. It is important not to spray too much, as this can cause the opposite effect.

Nexus Pheromones is a natural musky scent that communicates your status as a hot, fit, healthy man. It is only available in this scent. However, it can be worn with any cologne you like without reducing its effectiveness.

True Instinct

True Instinct cologne oils combine three pheromones for improved communication and connection with women. It increases your charisma and makes women feel more in tune with you emotionally from the first time you meet.

This concentration of androstenone, the masculinity and aggression pheromone, is not possible in nature. Copulins can be added to this product to increase its effectiveness. Many men have experienced an improvement in their sexuality and confidence.

For maximum effects, most colognes for men contain several pheromones. True Instinct, however, uses three specific pheromones to make it less overwhelming.

  • Androstenone
  • Androstadienone
  • Androsterone

This pheromone-cologne contains 8.500mcg of the following pheromones:

True Instinct lasts between 8-10 hours. A 10ml bottle contains approximately 280 drops. You can move freely with it even if you prefer to do things slowly.

To see the effects of this pheromone-cologne, you don’t need to use much. It will work by putting 30-150mcg of the pheromone cologne on your pulse points. Manufacturer warns that you shouldn’t use too much of a good substance.

True Instinct is unscented If it does not make women flock, the company offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Xist Pheromone Oil

XiSt Pheromone Oil is designed for men and uses advanced diffusion technology (ADT). This allows your pheromone oil to reach more women even though it doesn’t contain a scent. ADT diffuses the scent of the pheromone oil in the air and lifts it from the surrounding air.

This product will help you attract women by combining pheromones to increase your reach and make it easier for you to connect with the woman you want.

This men’s cologne contains a mixture of pheromones, which attract women to your scent.

  • Androsterone
  • Epiandrosterone
  • Androstenone
  • Epiallopregnenolone
  • Three pheromone molecules
  • Alcohol denat
  • Dipropylene glycol

XiSt Pheromone oil lasts longer than other pheromones. It won’t go off after you have worn it for 8-10 hours.

If you feel adventurous, apply one drop to each pulse point. This 10ml bottle is very versatile as it only contains a tiny amount.

XiSt’s cologne for men is unscented. However, you can mix it with any scent. You can also use five cologne covers scents with this product.

EvolveXS Spray

EvolveXS perfume contains a higher level of androstenone that most other products. Men and women know and love androstenone as the pheromone that conveys sexuality and aggression.

The pheromone-cologne contains other molecules to counter aggression. This makes it easy for women to pick up your vibes. Your cologne will last longer because it contains a higher amount of pheromones.

EvolveXS has one of the best pheromone blends available to attract the woman you want. It contains:

  • Androstenone
  • Androstanone
  • Alpha-androstenol
  • Beta-androstenol
  • Epiandrosterone
  • Allo-THDOC
  • Estratetraenol
  • Dipropylene glycol
  • Alcohol denat

This product can last six to eight hours due to its high concentration of pheromones.

One spray is enough most of the time. Two sprays are sufficient if you intend to go to the club or work out at the gym.

You shouldn’t use any more. Androstenone can be a powerful pheromone, so don’t use too much.

Evolve XS is also made by the same company that XiSt Pheromone Oil. It comes unscented. To enhance the effect, Evolve XS can be used with any of five scented colognes from the company, just like XiSt.


RawChemistry men’s cologne entices and grabs attention from women as soon as they enter the room. This pheromone-cologne is perfect for casual or evening wear due to its blend of oils and scents.

You can make women notice you by blending natural pheromones with sophisticated, subtle cologne.

Raw Chemistry produces their product by hand, unlike most other pheromone-colognes. A single micro-batch of their plant-based ingredients takes approximately two to three weeks to make.

  • Androstadienone
  • Androstenol
  • Androstenone
  • Androsterone

Your skin type is a major factor in determining the effectiveness of pheromones and colognes. Because it absorbs more quickly, Raw Chemistry can last for six hours on dry skin. Raw Chemistry can last up to ten hours on oily skin.

Some men find that pheromone-cologne products can irritate their skin. RawChemistry is a great choice for sensitive skin men. It doesn’t compromise on effectiveness or time.

Raw Chemistry can be applied to any area of your body that produces heat naturally. If you are looking for a sensual experience, you can even place it near your groin. Most men prefer to place it behind their ears or along their jawline and on their wrists.

Raw Chemistry is a professional, elegant scent you can wear with your birthday suit or business.

How do Human Pheromones work?

The best pheromones for men mimic and enhance natural human hormones. The pineal, pituitary and thyroid secrete pheromones (or hormones that are not produced by the body), and they can also be found in the thyroid and other glands of both men and women.

These ectohormones are secreted through your skin, particularly in areas such as your armpits where you sweat more. After they are released into the atmosphere, others will pick them up.

Pheromone colognes for men can be attractive because they have natural pheromones that influence human behavior.

Ingredients used in Pheromone Colognes

Ingredients used in pheromone perfumes are designed to produce the same effect as human-pheromones. Axillary steroids are found in perfumes and colognes that draw women to you. They naturally occur in the testes and ovaries as well as the adrenal glands.

You’ll find a variety of strengths and blends in any pheromone-cologne.

  • Androstadienone: Increases the sexual responsiveness of women
  • Androstenone: Enhances your attractiveness to women, and asserts your dominance in the male alpha position
  • Androstanone: Enhances power and masculinity
  • Androsterone: Enhances a woman’s mood. It makes you look sexy and reliable.
  • Epi-androsterone: Promotes youth and energy
  • Alpha-androstanol: Feels comfortable and attracts
  • Beta-androstanol makes women more focused on you
  • Oxytocin (or cuddling or bonding): This creates emotional and physical closeness.

Do You Choose Unscented or Scented?

Start with an unscented product to determine which pheromone product is best for you. Every product is different, so it’s important to know what the product smells like before adding a scent.

Unscented pheromones can be mixed with cologne or perfume later. It’s not a good idea to purchase a fragrance only to find that you don’t like it.

Get the Best Out of Pheromones

Apply your pheromones to your pulse points and heat points to increase the impact of your cologne’s pheromones on women. Your pheromones travel farther the more heat you release.

Applying pheromone products to clean skin is the best way to make them work. You’ll be able to stand out among other men if you practice good hygiene.

Use the recommended amount of pheromones according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you use too many pheromones, perfumes, or other scents, they can become overwhelming and off-putting.

The best pheromone-colognes are better when they are combined with great personalities. This is a beautiful feature that your cologne should enhance, not replace.

Why should males buy pheromone products?

Pheromones are a way to get along your partner and attract women. You can positively influence how men view you by using the best pheromones.

Boost Social Status

Women and men can perceive you as more dominant, masculine, and confident by using pheromones. These traits will make you more attractive to others than just your scent.

Respect and Gain Trust

Your confidence will increase, and your pheromones can show your peers and coworkers that you are worthy of the respect you have earned. People will treat you more favorably if you are assertive and authentic.

More Dates

Pheromone products can be used to attract women’s attention. They will make you look twice at them if they don’t like you. You can either take the woman you like home or reclaim the love of your partner.

A Good First Impression

The first impressions are the best. You will have a greater chance of meeting the woman at the bar if you use the best pheromones. You’ll notice the difference when you combine it with a beautiful personality.

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