Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account

Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account


Interact for 15 minutes before and after posting

Instagram loves engagement, especially in the first half hour after publishing posts. If there is a lot of engagement, it means that the algorithm has identified the post as worth pushing up to the feed.

Influencers are aware of this too and sometimes use a trick to get more attention to their latest posts. Many of them interact with other posts for 30 minutes straight, both 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after publishing their new post. They interact with other posts by going into the relevant hashtags and seeing a post and leaving like 10000 likes to the user who posted it. They literally like everything they see and leave comments wherever possible. This activity is not spammy. It sparks interest in the person. – Wanting to see the profile back. This usually leads to liking at least one image from the feed, and it’s often the first one.

This is a great tip! This is one of the best Instagram tips to increase engagement and reach.


Hashtags can be compared to lottery tickets. You want to use all of them at once.

Although it might not look very professional in your Instagram caption, it may distract from your call for action or what you are trying to communicate there.

You’ve probably heard it said to put your hashtags in the first comments. Your followers can still see the huge list of hashtags in your first comment. This is aesthetically pleasing but not perfect.

What is the solution?

Use the […] brackets to wrap your hashtags.

It’s easy!

You’ll need to post your pre-researched hashtags before you can paste them.

As such:

Instagram will hide your hashtags within the […] brackets as soon as you comment. This makes them look professional and neat!

To interact with your content, you can create other accounts

Many people have multiple Instagram accounts. No matter if you are a business that has more than one brand or a social media manager who curates multiple Instagram accounts, the truth is that we all have access. Why not take advantage? You can log in to up to five Instagram accounts from one device.

After you have posted something, switch to Instagram and go back to your profile. Leave a like and an engaging comment. You can leave an emoji with a heart-eyed smile if you aren’t able to be’real’ on Instagram’s harsh days.

This little trick will give your Instagram content an extra boost if you are already posting at your best times.

Your caption should include line breaks

Insta-pros and insta-newbies can distinguish themselves by adding line breaks to captions.

This is not an easy task. It’s not easy. I’ve seen celebrities and brands struggle with this. Why? This is because the Instagram app isn’t designed for this.

Et voila!

There’s no need to put in full stops!


Tagging is one of the most effective Instagram growth tips. Tagging can increase your exposure and put you in front brands or influencers that you are interested in.

But, like hashtags, too many tags can make your photo look stale. If someone taps on it, they will see a lot of tags scattered around. It looks a little desperate, don’t get me wrong.

You can tag usernames in one corner. To move usernames around the screen, you can drag them to the right. All tagged influencers and brands will be in one corner. You won’t feel spammy and will still get the extra exposure you want!

To appear in more Search Results, edit your name

How can you reach your new followers if you are a brand that nobody knows about?

Enter the keywords into the Search bar.

You can be found by this method by enhancing your Instagram bio with a target keyword. @aniahimsa, a vegan influencer, does this by including “vegan” in her bio. This is how I actually found this influencer account. All it took was typing “vegan” in the Instagram search.

If you are a jewellery brand, sportswear brand or any other brand, add the keyword to your bio. This is one of the best and most effective Instagram tips to grow your business.

Check out for more advanced information!

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