Interior door styles to mix and match

Interior door styles to mix and match

Style has always been difficult to achieve in your home, particularly when it comes to oak interior doors. Looking at other people’s homes for ideas can be helpful at times, but you should be developing your own style rather than mimicking someone else’s.

So, how do you go about doing that? Don’t worry, at Savoy Timber, we’ve got you covered. Here are some helpful hints for combining interior door designs in your home!

Is it a good idea to keep all of your internal doors the same?

When it comes to interior design, this is conventional knowledge, and it isn’t necessarily incorrect. Internal doors are one of the most important determinants of style in your home, and most interior design experts advise choosing one type and sticking with it.

The rationale for this is simple: it maintains the style’s consistency, allowing you and any visitors to fully appreciate the effect. A combination of too many different styles can appear overwhelming and unorganized.

When it comes to the style of doors, you have a few alternatives. Here is an example:

Doors that are contemporary

If you want a clean and plain design for your interiors without all the bells and whistles, modern oak doors are ideal. Options like our best-selling Palermo Pre-finished Oak Door epitomize modernism with their clean and utilitarian design.

Doors that are glazed

Glazed doors are an excellent choice if you want a door with some visual flair. Glass can range from simple clear panels to thicker, opaque panels for added privacy, as well as more intricate patterned designs to complement your interior settings.

Doors with panels

Paneled doors, on the other hand, are ideal for giving your space an old-world, vintage air. As a result, they’re particularly popular for cottages and homes in more rural settings.

Doors that are white

White doors, on the other hand, are frequently chosen for their capacity to offer interiors a beautifully clean and contemporary aspect.

If you’re undecided, wood internal doors with a modern aesthetic are a safe bet. But don’t be scared to check out the others as well. But, you might be thinking, what if I can’t make up my mind? Is this to say that I only have to pick one of them? There’s no need to be concerned there, either — the truth is far from it!

Different methods to decorate your home

Sometimes, as the old adage goes, regulations are designed to be broken. In reality, the most inspiring interiors frequently combine old and contemporary pieces in a variety of styles, resulting in fascinatingly different settings. Obviously, there’s a trick to it, as with anything in interior design.

You can keep your alterations more subtle rather than cluttering every room with pieces from every era — a sleek, stainless steel table doesn’t always fit with an art-deco chandelier.

In the kitchen, for example, you can create a simple but powerful contrast by utilizing two glass doors, one with a period design and the other with a modern style. Our Glazed Victorian 4-Panel Pre-finished Oak door resembles our Deanta Pre-finished Glazed Ely/Mexicano Oak door in appearance, but there’s just enough aesthetic distinction to keep things interesting!

Using your internal doors to hint at the various roles of each space is becoming increasingly trendy. A sleek and utilitarian door, for example, can be used to enter family spaces like the living room, but a more ornamental bevelled glazed door can be used to enter a study or home office.

Similarly, brighter pine doors, such as this Vertical Grain Clear Pine Vine Door, can be used as entrances to playrooms or amusement spaces, while more delicate, serious tones (like those on this Pre-finished Oak Louis Door) can be utilized in moodier locations, such as – dare we say it – the bedroom.

However, don’t fully disregard the first rules if you’re considering these latter options. Even if you’re trying for a mix of styles, picking just a few is crucial. Otherwise, the space would become too crowded, and the impression will be completely lost!

At Savoy Timber, we’re proud of our enormous assortment of interior doors, which are suitable for a wide range of applications and designs. You may take a look at some of our most popular products here, or visit one of our DIY stores in Blackburn, Preston, or Wigan to view them in person!

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