The nagging question as to why one needs to have a key finder keeps ringing in the minds of many individuals at home and even in the offices. Tiny objects like your car keys or house keys at times get misplaced and finding them may consume time and a lot of energy.

While that may be so, the use of key finders or locators in finding such items has been increasing in use. Because of their increased use, their importance is not something worth questioning.  How to use the key finders and the reasons why they are such important items to have may just be the main point of concern.

In this article and others on our blog, I have tried to look at the aspects to do with the finders and how to use them in our several series on finders and how to select them. We may begin with the basics here;

1. How key finders work

Key finders are technology-based gadgets that are usually attached to the set of keys in use. Most of the key finders are programmed depending on the nature of use. For instance, some key finders with detection for sound would be programmed to detect particular sounds like whistling or clapping.

However, with the advent of advanced electronic technology, the use of radio signal and cell phone-based signal transmissions is common. In case the key with the signal fitted is lost, the action programmed would be useful in locating the key.

The current crop of locators are android based and work on the wireless/Bluetooth mechanism to enable ease of use on whatever area one desires. Because they support the GPS interface, their use is not limited to finding keys only but in other respects as well.

2. Importance of key finders

As latest key finders go high tech, they have the ability to reply to specific radio signals making the act of finding lost items easy and time saving. In that respect, the importance of using these gadgets exemplified in several aspects.


When talking about keys, these may be very tiny at timers and misplacing them may make the act of searching an intricate affair. While at that, you may need to remove piles and piles of items in the house or office to locate the small key. However, with the key finder, that is all in the past as the beeping and the communication signal between the key and the key finder base is enough in locating the keys.

Cost effectiveness

Many are the times when going to the key locksmiths may be cumbersome and costly as well. With the key finder in hand, the elimination of the cost of cutting new keys the user will find the key as long as it is within range is noted.

Moreover, because these gadgets use the battery as their primary source of power, their use takes little maintenance cost. Replacing the battery for the locators may need to be done at intervals which run between three months to one year.


Some unscrupulous locksmiths may pose a security risk, and various their shops with automotive key repair issue can be dangerous. The fact that the key finder helps one get back the key without having to think of the option of the locksmith has improved security for houses and cars.

Key finders with transmitters which are the latest gadgets have come to be fantastic identification devices, especially when car keys are concerned. The electronic chip embedded within them contains details of the owner, which can be substantial in the case of theft.

Monitoring and efficiency

Monitoring and efficiency

Using key finder signals in areas of importance is common. Security apparatus and emergency situations like hospitals have used this gadget in enabling services. Its use in geographical setups to help in monitoring people, animals and even to call people is not to be assumed.

Sound based key finders are popular gadgets in institutions of the blind as it allows for ease of follow up and tracing back to the blind in any given setting. It is not surprising that the technology employed in making key finders is also the one used in the treatment of other depression cases in hospitals.


It is not surprising that the use of key finders in several strategic public utilities has been on the rise given its several important user experiences. Be it as it may, the use of these devices come with huge cost implications, which makes it a no go for those whose pockets are not deep enough.

This article tries to delve into how to use the key finders and its importance in several aspects of human life.

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