Everything You Need To Know About Ottoman Bed Mattrasses

Everything You Need To Know About Ottoman Bed Mattrasses

There are many situations and requirements that an ottoman bed can be used for. What fabric should the ottoman mattress be made in? What size ottoman bed would work best in my bedroom? …. One of the most common questions we get asked at Better Bed Company, is “Do you need an extra mattress for an ottoman-bed?” There is so many options available in the UK online marketplace today, we thought it would be a good idea to write a blog about the choices the customer has in 2020. There are many factors that can affect the best results, including the base materials, whether the ottoman is solid or slatted, and who the end user will be. This blog will discuss your options and offer the guidance you need.

Ottoman bed with pocket spring mattress

This type of mattress can be used with many base options and types of ottoman beds. Pocket spring mattresses are all about providing support to the user so that they can get a good night’s rest. This type of spring system is ideal for your Ottoman bed frame by Hugo & Sons. You can combine the pocket spring mattress with any number of fillings to make your ottoman bed more comfortable.

Pocket spring mattresses are a great choice for everyone, regardless of age or gender. You can test the mattress in-store to get the best tension results. A sprung ottoman may give you a firmer mattress than one with a solid top.

You should also ensure that your ottoman bed is ventilated. The materials are more ventilated if they have a slatted foundation. We will be discussing this in detail in the blog’s fillings. This would provide better moisture control and be the best option if you are looking for a spring mattress.

Ottoman beds with open coil mattresses

This type of mattress is ideal for a spare bedroom, or as a child’s bed. Open coil mattresses offer good support and comfort, especially considering the price. This is one of the most popular mattresses in the UK. It would be easy for the end user to lift the ottoman, but this depends on the weight and fillings.

When using memory foam in combination with a spring system such as the open coil, you need to think about ventilation. A sprung slatted bed base is a great choice as it will help keep the mattress moister under control.

Better Bed Company recommends the open coil and ottoman combination for children and adults who weigh less than 10 stone. Pocket spring mattresses provide more support, which is why they are better for teens and adults.

Ottoman bed with memory foam mattress

Because it is a contouring mattress, the memory foam mattress will work well in an ottoman bed. This particular material is also easy to lift, so there would be fewer problems lifting it. It can get very hot with memory foam so a slatted foundation is best. This is a good option for controlling moisture.

A foundation is required to support the memory foam mattress. It could be in the form of springs, or reflex foam. Spring would be the best choice, as it would aid the memory foam to breathe when it comes down to the base construction.

Better Bed Company recommends this solution for Adults and Teenagers, but not for Children. If someone is heavier than average, this type of material may not be as effective.

Ottoman bed with Reflex Foam mattress

When it comes to ottoman beds, the reflex foam mattress might be a good choice. With most reflex foams having a firm tension, the user would get support. A solid foundation would make the mattress more comfortable and less tension.

A combination of spring and reflex foam will give you a solid foundation. This combination could be helpful for back pains. However, you should always consult your local GP about back problems and mattresses.

Ottoman bed with natural fillings

There are many options in this area, including wool, latex, and cotton. This situation calls for an ottoman bed, which provides support and comfort. Consider the bed’s base, weight and overall look.

Natural mattress could be mixed with springs, or a complete block of latex. A slatted base would provide the best moisture control, while a solid one might offer more support. Both bases are good options for ottoman beds.

Last thoughts: Do you need an ottoman mattress?

As with all bed bases, the individual preferences of the user are important. In some cases, one type of mattress may work better than another. It could be that the fillings play a significant role in which ottoman bed would work well with each other. You should consider the materials and spring systems when buying an ottoman bed for a child, or an adult.

It is important to measure your ottoman bed for the correct size mattress. For a single ottoman bed, you will need a 90cm x190cm mattress. This could also affect the type of headboard that is best suited.

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