7 Different Type of Shorts For You To Choose

7 Different Type of Shorts For You To Choose

I sought advice from Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt, a personal stylist and fashion expert located in New York City, who agreed that “shorts are as tough as any other garment and perhaps even more so because most women hold their weight in the hips area.” Greenawalt, who is set to release her second styling book this autumn, has some helpful tips for women of all shapes and sizes when it comes to shopping for hanfu shorts:

1. The Middle Ground Is Mid-Length

If you’re looking for a pair of shorts but aren’t sure what length to get, a good rule of thumb is to look for something in the middle. Greenawalt notes, “Mid-thigh length shorts are generally flattering.” Keep this in mind so you don’t end up with a pair that is either too short or too lengthy.

Shorts with a rolled hem provide you a bit more flexibility in terms of where your shorts hit your thighs. Just be careful not to over-roll them, since this may result in a bulky appearance.

2. Shorter Shorts For Women With Shorter Legs

If you’re short and want to add some height, Greenawalt recommends a little shorter short. Showing a little extra skin will make your legs appear longer; just make sure your bum is still covered. Pair short shorts with wedges or heels to stretch your legs even more.

Look for neat hems if you’re aiming for short shorts. This will offer your look a little more gloss than a pair that is severely ragged.

3. It’s Not Enough To Be Short And Tight

Short shorts are lovely and dandy, but too-tight short shorts aren’t ideal for daily wear. It’s all about striking the right balance for your body type and size. “If you want to hide cellulite, make sure the shorts are body skimming and not too tight,” advises Greenawalt. Tight, lightweight fabrics should also be avoided because they are rarely flattering.

These shorts have a non-clingy fabric that allows for some movement. They won’t be skin-tight even if they’re on the shorter side. Furthermore, a darker wash (such as this deep navy blue) is usually more flattering than white or other bright colors.

4. Make sure your bottom and top are in sync.

Remembering to balance out your top is one of the hazards of wearing shorts. Greenawalt advises, “Keep your top proportional to your short.” “Short shorts should not be worn with a long top. This is a common blunder I see.” Instead of a long sleeve shirt, wear Bermudas with a tank or tee. However, the goal is to find a balance that suits you and makes you feel at ease.

5. Invest in a Low-Rider

Greenawalt recommends wearing low-waisted shorts if your body is on the shorter side. This will give the appearance of a longer midsection, whereas high-waisted designs (shorts that sit above your hips) will make your torso appear even shorter.

Shorts that hit right at your hip bones show off more of your torso, giving you the illusion of a longer shape. Wear your shirt tucked in to add some interest and the illusion of even more length.

6. Or, rather, wear them high.

“If you have a high waist and short legs, you can wear high waisted shorts,” Greenawalt explains, “which will make your legs look longer.” It’s all about the deception! Concentrate on the regions you want to lengthen and highlight, and that will help you decide which styles to use.

7. Slimming Side Zippers

If you have curved hips and want a slimming look, try a pair of shorts with a side zip. Unlike shorts with hefty front buttons, Greenawalt believes this style is the most attractive and won’t add any extra volume.

It’s slimming to have a smooth, hardware-free front. This particular style is fantastic since it has a little stretch to it, which helps to keep muffin tops at bay.

7. Pocket Details Can Be Done With Narrow Hips

Women with narrow hips, on the other hand, should look for shorts with details that will give their hips more shape (if that’s what you’re after, of course). Greenawalt recommends wearing shorts with pocket features or pleating. “Also, avoid volume-adding details in the hip area because it will make you appear larger.”

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