11 Tasty Examples of Food Packaging Design

11 Tasty Examples of Food Packaging Design

Packaging for food comes in many shapes and sizes. Packaging designers try to improve the experience and functionality of food packaging. It is possible to do it. Designers are always looking for ways to enhance the experience and functionality of food packaging. Packaging design doesn’t have to be about creating a product that looks good. It’s about getting down to the details and making a product more attractive.

These are the questions that we ask when designing food packaging

  • What packaging will be used by the consumer?
  • They will be able to see the packaging design from where?
  • Do the labels need to include the food?
  • What will the consumer get when they pick it up from the shelf?
  • What will it feel like?

Projects for food and beverage packaging are highly customer-driven. Packaging for food and drinks that looks amazing also functions well is the best. These packaging examples show that packaging is not just about looking good. There are many other factors to consider when packaging.

Dunkin Donuts packaging

Dunkin Donuts recently changed their branding and dropped “Donuts” from their name. People were initially surprised by the change, as Dunkin Donuts was always Dunkin Donuts. It was quite strange to see it without Donuts.

It all makes sense once you start to understand the reasons behind it, such as to not confuse customers into believing they only sell donuts. There are many products, so why would they package a bagel with “donut?” on it?11 Tasty Examples of Food Packaging Design

People are living a faster lifestyle, so the brand and packaging have been simplified to make it easier and more intuitive. The brand’s heritage is brought to life by a friendly, almost conversational approach, beginning with one store in Quincy, MA. Even though the packaging design is brighter, the orange and pink colours are still prominent. It is a great way to stand out and attract new customers.

Red Jacket Tea Packaging

This tea packaging set looks fantastic together. It features elegant patterns you can almost picture happening when the tea is boiled water hits it, and subtle tea flavors mixing with the water.

Every element of the packaging conveys quality and a message. Certain print techniques and finishes can have a significant impact on how a brand looks. This is something you should keep in mind when packaging products.

Packaging that is brand-free

Brandless is a company that aims to eliminate the brand name from the grocery sector. Their range of products takes away any trace of a brand. They will replace it with the white box they are well-known for. All products should be treated equally.

This is what I love, even though it may sound funny from a designer’s perspective. In a world of brand noise, design packaging, and brands proclaiming the mantra “it does what the tin says”, this is a great idea. The packaging does exactly what it says on its label.

It would be a disaster if all went this way. While this may not work for you, it is important to remember that minimal can be just as effective than a business with all the bells & whistles. It is becoming more common for people to pay attention to what’s in their food. This can make it easier for them to understand and help them to eat better.

Archer Farms Coffee Packaging

Archer farms coffee packaging shows the beautiful illustration trend that is becoming a part of all packaging design.

This one is unique because of its functionality and ability to stand out among other coffees on the shelves. The top of the package has a grid system that covers all important information, such as roast, flavour, origin, etc. This element can be used in both black and white, allowing for a greater variety of products while still being consistent with the brand.

Illustrations are the cherry on top. This is a popular trend in food and drink packaging design. But it may not be right for you. These packaging examples are great and align with the fact that it is fair traded and globally sustainable.

Coop’s own brand of alcohol packaging

People are choosing to buy their own food and drink, rather than premium brands. It is not surprising that supermarkets are starting to experiment with their own packaging. We love the Coop’s design for alcohol packaging.11 Tasty Examples of Food Packaging Design

The packaging is a strong representation of small-scale brewery design. However, it all fits within a larger brand identity.

It stands out on the shelf by its bold, quirky and bold typography. This style is bold and bold, not usually associated with supermarket products.

Blue Dragon Packaging

Blue Dragon’s new packaging design for food has a bright, culturally relevant design. The packaging was not appropriate for Asian cuisine, which has many vibrant flavours and ingredients. The brand experience is brightened up with new packaging, which makes it more joyful in the kitchen.

This new look reflects an ever-changing asian culture and encourages the consumer to express themselves in the kitchen.

Waitrose Packaging Free from Packaging

Waitrose has launched new packaging to promote their free-from range. While the packaging retains Waitrose’s brand identity, it adds a modern element to the design. It shows all the food in an informal setting and how delicious it tastes. This shows that you can still get delicious food and not lose out on a particular food option.

The packaging’s subtle framing with two brackets makes each item look like a lowercase F, which is a play on the brand’s “free from” tagline.

Market Pantry Packaging

Market Pantry was an early supermarket brand with a rather drab look. Market Pantry decided to rebrand their brand and changed the packaging for their food products. It transformed into a vibrant, punchy and bold look. For delicious images that are vibrant and lively, they ditched the dull images. They paired this with playful illustrations and typography.

The packaging has a professional, appealing, and trusting appearance. This allows consumers to be confident that they will receive a quality product. It’s also flexible and can be modified to suit the needs of each product.

Kallo Packaging

Kallo is a brand that produces healthy snacks and cooking items. The taste of their healthy food packaging was lacking in the past. Their new packaging design adds an exciting and loving touch to the health food inside.

These deep, rich colours almost make your mouth water before you even open the food packaging. This is paired with friendly illustrations that hit all the right notes with the product being organic and healthy, and you have a brand with tons of personality. Who said eating healthy could be boring or painful?

Anna & Anna’s Packaging

Anna & Anna’s food packaging design puts the focus on the product with big bold colours and minimalistic design. It also has a secret…

The simple shapes that are behind the product photo look great as a subtle touch of colour. They are an infographic that shows you the ingredients of the product. The colour explanations on the sides allow you to see exactly what is in your food. This is a unique way to visualize a small, but important bit of information that is usually left out of packaging.

Consider how you can help the consumer when a statistic or other piece of information is required to be printed on your packaging next time it happens.

Coffee Bar Coffee Pods Packaging

This simple and elegant design creates a striking impact on shelves. It offers something completely different from any other product on the market.

The packaging makes an otherwise cumbersome process seem easy. It’s also important to note the visual aspect. The fact that you can see the product on the shelves makes it stand out.

Before you start thinking about creating beautiful illustrations of our products or anything like that, perhaps think about just showing your product. It can have a powerful effect on consumers and could even swing them in your favor.

Chon Choner Packaging

Chon Choner is a Mr. Viet coffee line. It is a premium variety of coffee, and one of the most costly in the world.

It is a little strange to see a playful image on the back. They have gone against the traditional, expensive look and used a beautiful illustration to promote the exotic origins from Vietnam of their coffee. The Mr Viet logo is everywhere. To give the industry a unique look, we use illustration and bold text.

This is an excellent example of how to go against the grain and have a successful package that stands out from all others in your product area.

Mo? Mo?

It’s easy to ask for MO?re with this bright, colourful packaging.

Bright colours are matched with the product’s colours, which make it even more delicious looking. This simple approach doesn’t include any unnecessary information, making all packaging easy to understand.

This packaging project was a huge success and shows how simplicity can help you communicate your brand message.

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